Finding the perfect storefront for your business is vital to success and

success = $$$.  We can help you find the right storefront to suit your business. With an in depth knowledge of the city and a grasp on the realities of the struggling retail market, not only will we help you find a great space, we'll negotiate the heck out of it to make your profits bigger!

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                    Finding Space is OUR business, keep focused on yours!

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​We will find YOU office and retail space in NYC. Since 2017 we've rented more than 125,000SF in NYC on behalf of tenants like you! Call 646-938-4074 or TIM@CONRADNYC.COM to make your search simple, stress free and efficient!

Need Office Space in New York? Have you been googling "office space nyc" all week and running into a lot of wasted time? Whether you're looking to upgrade, downsize or just plain move, we can help you find the perfect office in New York City for your needs. This is our specialty and we know this city and these buildings better than almost anyone! Call today to discuss your needs, we WILL find your next office. 

Purchasing an apartment, house, or a mixed use/income property is a huge decision. We can help you get the best deal, analyze the market and be your voice in negotiations. Real Estate is basically a card game, let us show you our poker face!

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